BF 32



BF 32 butterfly valves are interception devices for average/low pressure gas pipelines.

They may be used also for intercepting liquids when a hermetic seal, low pressure losses and compact construction in the flow direction are required.

The special  features of these valves are as follows:

  • Hermetic internal seal with shut valve
  • Low  pressure losses
  • Can rotate butterfly through  360° so the seat is self-cleaning  without removing the body from the pipe
  • Not fitted permanently to pipe, as both  flow directions are possible
  • Butterfly with sealing ring
  • Chromium-plated body spherical seat for  longer life with hermetic internal seal and low control torques
  • Highly reliable
  • Built  to UNI 9245 standard
  • Face to face according to UNI 9245 and ISO 5752, MSS - SP 67, BS 5155-74 standard

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